Here 20 Hilarious Comics That Will Surely Make You Laugh Out Loud


Many artists use social media to share their amusing cartoons with others in an effort to make people laugh. Among them, Steven martin is an illustrator, which we will discuss today. His place of residence is Long Island. He is also a graphic designer. Through his comics, the artist makes people smile. The web comic series Poke It Without a Stick is owned by him. He mostly draws amusing characters in his comics, which we can see later in his comics.

The artist says that pursuing your passion for art as a career has always been your goal in life. It has helped him to create his own unique style over the years with patience and hard work, which he feels is more important for an artist than being the best. After graduating from college, he only worked in graphic design, so he started doing comic illustration. He established himself in the comics industry by working hard. Here are some of his best comics for your enjoyment.

Credit: Poke it without a stick

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#1. Average Size


#2. talk to me

#3. Painful


#4. anger Management

#5. Quickly


#6. make Sure

The creator has a unique perspective on comic book art when coming up with fresh characters and ideas. His humor is realistic and simple. Every comic is a reflection of our daily lives, and the illustrator skillfully captures the main point of each scenario with her witty captions. The format of his comics ranges from two to four panels.

#7. Exam results


#8. Don’t be like that

#9. wait a minute


#10. year of growth

#11. demand


#12. incompetent

#13. Ideal weight


#14. Embarrassing

He doesn’t limit himself to any specific sort of humor. His favorite thing about art is seeing how various individuals react to it. Then, he changes his approach to fit the preferences of his fan base. The best art to uplift one’s spirits is what he creates. We hope you all enjoy his comics. Check out our website regularly for more comics of this kind.

#15. new king


#16. shark

#17. air traffic control


#18. Bat poles

#19. Just try it


#20. wreckage of plane

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