Here are 20 Absurd Comics Full of Random Twists by Pierre Mortel


Pierre Mortel is a French artist, comic creator, and animator who has gained a popularity of 28,600 for his comics and other works. He has been active on social media since 2016 and has gained a large following on Twitter. His comics feature characters from the popular tabletop game. This artist’s comics are known for their humor and unique style, which combines elements of traditional comic art with a modern twist. His comics are always enjoyable for dark humor lovers.

In addition to his comics, Pierre Mortel has also created other works of art, including prints and animations. Pierre Mortel’s work can be found on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit. He also has a website where he sells prints of his artwork. Additionally, Pierre Mortel has been featured in podcasts and articles about his work. Additionally, the artist is a master at telling stories. He struggles a little bit to draw pictures, though.

Pierre Mortel’s work is known for its humor and unique style. His comics are particularly popular because they take a lighthearted approach to the often serious world of comics. Additionally, Pierre Mortel’s artwork combines elements of traditional comic art with a modern twist, making it stand out from other artists in the genre. His unique style and humor have made him a favorite among fans of the genre. If you’re interested in checking out his work, you can find it on various social media platforms or on his website. You can check out his recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

Credit: Pierre Mortel

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#1. Rain is free


#2. Skin zone

#3. Discord


#4. Sarcasm

#5. Powerful wizard


#6. The martyr!

#7. Skin


#8. Spaghetti Suzie

#9. Dogs barking


#10. Are you happy?

#11. So much pain!


#12. Butterfly

#13. Poisonous


#14. No regrets!

#15. Gimme your phone


#16. There’s no other door

#17. The little sibling’s conversation


#18. The other fairy

#19. The road is long


#20. Eddie meets the Archduck

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