20 Penny Pretzel Comics Based on Relatable Moments to Make Your Day Better


Instagram is a place where art and everyday life meet in a world where browsing social media seems like reading through an online platform. Penny Pretzel, also known as Kelley Riley, is a recognizable name among the crowded online platforms. She is a master of self-expression as well as an inducer of relatable moments, in addition to being an artist. This 26-year-old comic book artist highlights her Instagram platform with unique drawings that are mostly based on experiences from everyday life.

Through the depiction of genuine and charmingly relatable events, she has amassed 21,100 Instagram followers. The cartoonist believes that what she really wants is for people to find her drawings enjoyable and wholesome. That’s why she captures such moments in her adorable comics. You have to scroll down to the part below if you want to enjoy comics.

Credit: Penny Pretzel Comics

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#1. Something Distracting


#2. Eat Healthy

#3. Male Fashions


#4. Sad

#5. Neat vs messy


#6. Get Stuck

She generally draws comics with four panels. She often discusses the ups and downs of daily life in her drawings. Her drawings are humorous because of the way she looks at common, realistic happenings. However, she applies a humorous approach to everything, which makes her work enjoyable and approachable. Her drawings also highlight the little awkward moments.

#7. Nice to meet you


#8. Dating

#9. Can’t even cry


#10. So tired

#11. More Snacks


#12. Work

#13. Best way


#14. Drinking

#15. Video Games


She also draws a variety of other comics with a range of themes and characters, from emotional stories to light humor. His comics are the perfect way to enjoy them, so you can understand that these relatable moments happen to everyone. Her comics are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a nice laugh, a heartwarming story, or just something to make your day better.

#16. Laundry mat

#17. Baby


#18. Plants

#19. hate each other


#20. Something Distracting

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