21 New Dark Comics Full of Unexpected Twists by “PBF Comics”

PBF Comics is an Instagram account that has gained a significant following for its humorous and relatable comics. The artist, whose real name is Nicholas Gurewitch, began drawing comics while he was in college and started publishing them on his website, Pbfcomics.com. He gained a large following on the internet and eventually started creating comics for print publications. Many of his comics address relatable situations, such as the difficulties of adulting, social awkwardness, and the ups and downs of relationships. 

Gurewitch’s comics often feature simple, black-and-white illustrations with witty captions or dialogue. They cover a wide range of topics, from everyday life to surreal and fantastical scenarios. One of his most popular series is “The Perry Bible Fellowship,” which features one-off comics that range from absurdist humor to clever commentary on social issues. His ability to make his audience laugh while also capturing the challenges of everyday life has made him a beloved figure on Instagram. 

PBF Comics has become particularly popular on Instagram, where they have over 356k followers. Gurewitch’s comics are often shared widely on the platform, and his account has become a hub for fans of his work. He also uses Instagram to interact with his audience, often responding to comments and even creating comics based on fan suggestions. If you want to enjoy dark humor comics, then scroll down to the section below.

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Credit: PBF Comics

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#1 “Free Service”

#2 “Farewell”

#3 “I feel lucky”

#4 “Life Sentences”

#5 “A bird chef? ”

#6 “You dirty birch”

#7 “Put on your helmet”

#8 “Lame jokes”

#9 “New connections”

#10 “Show some respect”

#11 “PurpleSnakeFucker”

#12 “Out of beer”

#13 “That’s not true”

#14 “beat me”

#15 “You dumb digit”

#16 “Mosquito park”

#17 “Party time”

#18 “Collaboration with awkward yeti”

#19 “An actor?”

#20 “Animals in jail?”


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