20 Offbeat Humor Comics Full of Clever Punchlines Will Amuse You

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In the vast ocean of webcomics that bring laughter to the internet, one name stands out as a beacon of wit and creativity: PBF Comics. Created by the talented Nicholas Gurewitch, PBF Comics is a webcomic that has captured the hearts of readers worldwide with its unique and offbeat humor. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating world of PBF Comics, exploring its origins, style, and why it has become a beloved favorite among webcomic enthusiasts. From the mundane to the fantastical, Gurewitch’s comics cover everything.


PBF Comics, which stands for “Perry Bible Fellowship,” was birthed in 2001 by the ingenious mind of Nicholas Gurewitch. The strip’s title was a seemingly random assortment of words that didn’t directly relate to the content but added an air of mystique and curiosity to the comics. PBF Comics is known for its boundless creativity and darkly comic themes. Gurewitch has an uncanny ability to take seemingly innocent and mundane situations and twist them into unexpected, and often absurd, scenarios that leave readers chuckling with delight and surprise.

Over the years, PBF Comics has amassed a loyal and devoted fan base of 361,000. Its offbeat humor and unpredictability have sparked a sense of camaraderie among readers who appreciate the unconventional. The webcomic’s popularity has grown exponentially through various online platforms, where fans eagerly share their favorite strips, leading to even more people discovering the joy of PBF Comics. As PBF Comics continues to delight and surprise its readers, we eagerly await the next batch of amusing and imaginative tales from the mind of the remarkable Nicholas Gurewitch.

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Credit: PBF Comics

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#1. Charged

image 1919

#2. Gordrag’s Bane

image 1920

#3. There’s something about him

image 1921

#4. Sisyphus myth

image 1922

#5. Worry not

image 1924

#6. Curiosity

image 1925

#7. Anything is possible

image 1926

#8. Bad news

image 1928

#9. Lizard

image 1929

#10. Survivors

image 1930

#11. Old farmer

image 1931

#12. Old farmer

image 1932

#13. Divorce

image 1933

#14. Besides fire

image 1934

#15. Fight

image 1935

#16. Paint me

image 1936

#17. Hilarious

image 1937

#18. Bear

image 1938

#19. Dream Catcher

image 1939

#20. Crazy

image 1940

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