20 Pain Train Comics Shows the Daily Humorous Situations We Face

The world is going through a tough time right now, and all we need is a break. We all need healthy content to feel positive, and for this, enjoying comics is the best way. That’s why we are back with another hilarious web comic named Pain Train Comics, which was created by Australian artist Mark Pain. It features daily, humorous comics, often focusing on quirky humor and relatable situations.


He enjoys drawing and is a computer science student. Despite coming from a family where art is not valued, he has worked art into his life and enjoys learning about it. He created incredible work after learning everything from YouTube. Through dedication and consistent effort, he gained 10,000 Facebook followers. We’re confident you’ll love it as well. In that case, scroll down to see some of his best comics.

Credit: Pain Train Comic

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#1. Run away with me


#2. Crime


#3. That’s not recyclable

#4. Space News


#5. Over Qualified

#6. Alarm Cluck


The artist started this comic strip as a hobby, but after some time, he started giving proper time to creating such content. His illustrations are a perfect mix of surprising wit and humor. They are a great source of joy after a busy day. Life is pretty tough for all of us these days, and all we want is something to keep us going, and his comics do that perfectly. His comics are always funny and make us laugh out loud because of clever twists and surprising endings.

#7. Terrible Invention

#8. The origin of copyright law


#9. Rainbows

#10. Speed Limit


#11. Especially Humid

#12. President


#13. Fortune

#14. What’s wrong?


#15. Greatest Mistake

The artist is not well-known, but his content is usually entertaining. He does not have enough Facebook followers, and he prefers to remain unknown and not reveal much about himself. But his humorous comics will make you laugh. But when the punchline comes, it’s something we didn’t see coming. This element of surprise is what makes us laugh out loud. For more enjoyment, don’t forget to visit here.

#16. Much Worse


#17. Really Fast

#18. Very Exciting


#19. Told you not to drop it

#20. Let Down your hair


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