These 20 Weird and Relatable Comics by “Pain Comics” Can Surely Amuse You

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We all analyze our lives in different ways. Others may see opportunities and chances for enjoyment in every challenge they encounter in life, while some people may see stress and trouble at every turn. A comic book that deviates from the norm and provides something fresh and distinctive is called a quirky comic. They frequently use unusual storytelling techniques, bizarre situations, and oddball characters. Audiences seeking out something new and thrilling frequently enjoy quirky comics because they can be both humorous and thought-provoking.


Social media sites have developed into a showcase for artists in recent years, allowing them to expose their work to a large public and win recognition. “Pain Comics,” who have a sizable following of 62,300 for their distinctive style and compelling narrative, is one of the most well-known Instagram artists in recent years. An artist by the name of Pain Comics, whose real identity is unknown, makes quirky, relatable, and funny comics. Usually, but with a twist, the subjects of their comics are commonplace issues and scenarios that we encounter in daily life.

Another reason why pain comics have become so popular is because of their ability to create weird and absurd scenarios that still manage to make sense. For instance, one of their comics shows a monster trying to take a shower, but since it is so big, it ends up flooding the entire bathroom. While this may seem like a strange scenario, it is still relatable since we have all experienced bathroom mishaps at some point in our lives. We have compiled his best 20 illustrations in the next section. I hope everyone will enjoy these comics.

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Credit: Pain Comics

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#1. Strike 1!

image 1216

#2. Your mom is a narc

image 1217

#3. Watch yourself

image 1218

#4. Good save?

image 1219

#5. Traffic stop

image 1220

#6. Home security

image 1221

#7. Insecure

image 1222

#8. Honesty is strength

image 1226

#9. No lawyers

image 1223

#10. Dating

image 1215

#11. Three losers

image 1214

#12. Oh really

image 1213

#13. A bit to the left

image 1224

#14. Short

image 1212

#15. Nice try

image 1225

#16. The egg

image 1211

#17. You are not gonna believe this

image 1210

#18. Other stuff

image 1209

#19. Ruff

image 1208

#20. Low blow

image 1207

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