20 Times This Artist Captures Surreal Humor in Out of Context Comics

Surreal humor in art often involves creating bizarre and unexpected scenarios or juxtapositions that provoke laughter and a sense of the absurd. Artists capture surreal humor cleverly through a combination of artistic techniques, storytelling, and a deep understanding of human psychology. Surreal humor often relies on placing incongruous elements together. By combining unrelated or absurd objects, characters, or situations, artists create a sense of surprise and absurdity that can be amusing. For example, René Magritte’s “The Son of Man,” featuring a man with an apple obscuring his face, is a classic example of this technique.


Realistic humor doesn’t always rely solely on visual elements. Artists sometimes incorporate wordplay, puns, or linguistic absurdities into their work. The paintings of Magritte, for instance, frequently include text that adds another layer of meaning or absurdity. Creating artwork that subverts the viewer’s expectations can lead to humor. It involves setting up an initial scenario that seems normal and then abruptly shifting it into something absurd or unexpected. You can check out such types of comics in the following section.

Credit: Out of Context Archie Comics

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#1. What kind of nut?

#2. Why should we?


#3. It’s your own fault

#4. Ball serving machine


#5. Just Did

Surreal humor can be found in various forms of media, from films and television to literature and, more recently, social media platforms like Instagram. One particularly clever and entertaining Instagram account that specializes in surreal humor is “Out of Context Archie Comics.” Archie Comics, a long-running series that has been a staple of American pop culture since its debut in the 1940s, is generally known for its wholesome, teenage love triangle between Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge. However, “Out of Context Archie Comics” takes this familiar source material and turns it into a playground for surreal and absurd humor.

#6. Female Tongue


#7. Cream Pie

#8. Different


#9. Surprised

#10. Creeps


#11. Why are you so upset?


Out of context Archie Comics is an Instagram account that posts panels from Archie Comics comics, taken out of context to create humorous or absurd results. The account has over 12,500 followers and has been featured in publications such as The Washington Post and The A.V. Club. The account’s creator has said that they started it because they wanted to “show the world that Archie Comics are not just for kids.” They also said that they enjoy “seeing how people react to the panels when they are taken out of context.”

#12. Let me do

#13. Big Boner


#14. Pass the rope

#15. Who needs them


#16. Concentrate

#17. Any Trouble


The essence of the account lies in extracting snippets of dialogue and imagery from the comic book series that, when taken out of their original context, become incredibly amusing. This manipulation of the material often results in unexpected juxtapositions, absurd scenarios, and bizarre one-liners that are pure gold for fans of surreal humor. His comics often rely on visual gags. The artists use panel layouts, character expressions, and surreal imagery to create comical and bizarre scenes. By subverting expectations and embracing the surreal, this account has carved out a niche in the world of online humor, delighting followers with its unique brand of comic mayhem.

#18. You are right

#19. Dumpster


#20. What’s going on?

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