20 Hilarious Comics Full of Absurd and Dark Humor by Optipess Comics




Hilarious comics bursting with absurd and dark humor are like a wild roller coaster ride through the twisted corridors of the human psyche. These comics defy logic and embrace the bizarre, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for laughter. With each panel, they shatter societal norms and dive headfirst into the realm of the unconventional. The characters in these comics are a motley crew of misfits; their expressions are contorted in hilariously grotesque ways, and their actions defy any sense of reason.

Optipess Comics is a webcomic created by Kristian Nygrd, a cartoonist based in Norway. The comic features a unique sense of humor that is both dark and absurd. Optipess Comics explores dark and absurd humor that is not for everyone. The comic often features quirky characters in bizarre situations. The humor is often dark and twisted, but it is also clever and thought-provoking. Optipess Comics is not afraid to push boundaries and explore taboo subjects. The punchlines are often unexpected and delightfully twisted.

Optipess Comics features simple illustrations that are both charming and unsettling. The comic’s art style is minimalistic, making it easy for readers to focus on the humor and absurdity of the situations. The characters are often anthropomorphic animals or quirky humans, and they are drawn in a way that is both cute and creepy. The comic’s minimalistic art style and quirky characters make it both charming and unsettling. Optipess Comics has gained a following of 148,000 on social media and Patreon, where fans can access exclusive content and support the creator. If you enjoy dark and absurd humor, Optipess Comics is definitely worth checking out.

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Credit: Optipess Comics

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#1. Inspiration returns

#2. The way

#3. Kill humanity

#4. April fools!

#5. The end of the world

#6. Tiers of tears

#7. Fall Fail

#8. Pollution solution

#9. Curse your enemies

#10. How to win friends

#11. Silent night

#12. The meaning of life

#13. Candy man

#14. Death or treat

#15. Scream!

#16. Forgotten rememberings

#17. Job openings

#18. Dog vs god

#19. Smartphone saboteur

#20. Boo

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