Funny Things That We Did in Our Childhood Are Beautifully Captured in Three Wholesome Stories (27 Pics)

Childhood memories are a treasure trove of happiness, innocence, and wonder, and many of us cherish our happy memories of our formative years. As a visual storytelling format, comics provide a distinctive and engrossing method to record and represent the humorous, endearing, and even heartbreaking moments of childhood. Many of us have wonderful memories of the humorous, innocent, and endearing things we did as children. Childhood memories are priceless gems that stay with us throughout our lives.

Three wholesome stories by Instagram artist “Oh my Tiny Tin” have expertly captured these pleasant childhood events, bringing to life the beauty and charm of our formative years. She is a gifted illustrator and animator from the Philippines, best known by her Instagram username, @ohmytinytin. All ages are enthralled by the charming stories, vibrant colors, and exquisite characters in her artwork. Her artwork beautifully captures the boundless creativity, innocent mischief, and pure delight that we all felt as children.

The artwork of this artist makes us feel happy, warm, and nostalgic, and also brings back wonderful memories of our own carefree childhoods. With 390,000 Instagram followers, she already has a sizable following. Her illustrations serve as a monument to the timeless attraction of childhood, and her narratives serve as a pleasant reminder of the straightforward yet significant experiences that form our fondest recollections. Grab a coffee and scroll down to the area below if you wish to return to your youth. I genuinely hope that everyone will like these instances of creativity.

Credit: Oh my tiny tin

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#1. Did anyone else play similar games like this?

One of the fondest childhood memories for many of us is the joy of imaginative play. Children have an innate ability to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary things, and one popular childhood game that captures this spirit is creating a castle using cushions around a sofa and pretending to be a king or queen.

The game is simple yet incredibly creative. With just a few cushions and a sofa, children can transform their living room or play area into a grand castle, complete with walls, towers, and a throne. The cushions serve as the building blocks for the castle, which children can arrange and rearrange to their liking, creating different castle designs with each play session.

#2. To take out white hairs

When I was younger, my dad would ask me to take out his white hairs, and he would give me 1 peso for each one I plucked out. Sometimes I get a little too excited, and he would joke about saying he’s going bald. Did anyone else experience this as a child?

#3. Myth about smoke

When I was a child, for a while I believed that the smoke that comes out of the meat that the people cook is actually the spirit of the animal leaving the body. What weird ideas did you believe in when you were a kid?

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