20 Relatable Comics Based on the Artist Nicholas and His Doubts

We know that what one person finds funny, another might not. But on our website, there are many different types of comics, so there is something for everyone. Humor can help us see things from a different angle and cope with challenges in a more creative way. That’s why we bring you another good and funny collection of comics to make your day better. After reading this blog, we guarantee your mood will become better.


We are pleased to introduce to you Nicholas and His Doubts, an Instagram account with a fresh collection of comics. Nicholas is the creative genius behind this Instagram account. He is an amazing Instagram artist. His comics are hilarious and enjoyable, skillfully depicting strange scenarios that could occur in our daily lives. He currently has 2,008 Instagram followers. Some of his best works are included in the section below.

Credit: Nicholas and His Doubts

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#1. Coffee


#2. Honk


#3. Prepare to die

#4. He speaks the truth


#5. Know

#6. It’s ok to cry


He is a master at depicting strange happenings in everyday life. The artist combines everyday events with a fantastic sense of humor. He only does comics for a few months each year. Therefore, not many people are currently following him on Instagram. But his comics are worth watching for those who love to enjoy a dark sense of humor. Because most of the comics have weird scenes.

#7. Try this at your next interview

#8. Waste of time


#9. Let’s just hope she’s on our side

#10. Trigger Happiness


#11. The Award

#12. Conversation


#13. Profession

#14. Something Hot


Even if his comics are occasionally based on bizarre environments, they are always full of lovable and beautiful moments. He thinks that the main reason these kinds of comics are made is because the subject matter is the most interesting. Please use the comment box to ask any special queries you may have concerning the comics or the artist. Please remember to forward this blog to your friends if you find it interesting.

#15. Fight

#16. Romance


#17. Divorce

#18. Empty


#19. Dice

#20. Howler Monkey


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