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Have you ever feel restricted to get something to your mind? It happens to almost everyone. Few times when we try to read something, it’s becomes hard to concentrate which results in failure to memorize things. Lack of concentration maybe caused by so many of reasons. It merely depends on person’s interest. If a person has no interest in whatever he’s reading, there’s no chance it’s gonna work in his favor. Other factor can be people find it boring.

However researches have shown that people memorize pictorial format more than text one. The reason is we are getting used to it since our childhood. Whenever we see something it builds whole scenario in our mind that lasts longer. So whenever possible try to read books that include pictures to make readers easily understand the main points.

Obviously it’s the time of mobile phone, people spend more tome on mobiles rather than reading books. So mobiles are considered as an instrument of entertainment. While scrolling through social media you come across to so many of entertaining stuff like memes, videos, articles and comics. spending time on anyone of these not just makes you laugh but also lasts longer in your mind. That’s how effective it is.

When it comes to entertainment, comic is the first thing that comes in our mind. Though it’s easy for us to giggle at a funny comic but it’s not the same for an artist who created the one. Of course it needs a lot of research, humor to add and comic timing as well. It could be difficult to deal with these factors for young artists, but Gary Larson has no hesitation in creating a comic. He has spend more than half of his life in this field. So he can do it with so ease.

Gary’s famous comic series The Far Side comics is the proof of his work. So in order to know more about his artwork, you need to look at the below mentioned The Far Side comics. I am sure these comics will bring positive vibes to you. So scroll down to take a look at these comics.

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