20 Comics Follows the Group of Awkward Characters and Their Adventures

Role-playing games (RPGs) have always been a source of endless fun, imagination, and camaraderie. But what if you could experience the hilarity and heartwarming moments that occur both in and out of the game world through a web comic? That’s where “Nameless PCs” come into play. Created by the talented Michael Tillotson, this web comic has been delighting readers with its quirky and relatable characters since 2010.


This web comic centers around a group of endearingly awkward individuals who share a common passion for role-playing games. From the first strip to the latest ones, it’s evident that this comic is not just about gaming but also about the everyday struggles and triumphs of its characters. The term “PCs” in the title stands for “Player Characters,” which are the main protagonists in an RPG adventure. However, these characters are far from being mere game pieces; they are richly developed and beautifully flawed individuals who you can’t help but root for.

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#1. Last Day

#2. Power of Music


#3. Goodbye Old Friend

#4. Entertainment


#5. Sea of Change

One of the defining features of “Nameless PCs” is their relatability. The characters’ experiences, both in the world of RPGs and in their day-to-day lives, mirror the experiences of many of us. We’ve all been through moments of social awkwardness, geeked out over our hobbies, and cherished the bonds of friendship. Tillotson brilliantly captures these moments, weaving them into hilarious and heartwarming storylines that resonate with readers.

#6. Timing


#7. Vacation

#8. Imaginations


#9. New Game

#10. How did he even rub that lump?


The humor in “Nameless PCs” is a standout aspect of the web comic. The characters’ interactions, quirky dialogues, and unexpected situations will leave you laughing out loud. While the comic may revolve around gaming, it is not limited to RPG enthusiasts; its humor is universally appealing, making it accessible to a wide range of readers.

#11. Killed Me

#12. Absurd


#13. Bad Moments

#14. Job Interview


#15. Lucifer

#16. DMs


Beyond the laughter, “Nameless PCs” delves into profound themes. It explores the importance of friendship, even among the unlikeliest of companions. Through the characters’ struggles, triumphs, and goofy moments, readers are reminded of the enduring power of relationships built on shared interests and mutual support. The comic also champions the strength of imagination, a vital component of RPGs that enriches our lives beyond the game table.

#17. Birthday Party

#18. Always look on the bright side of life


#19. Hope you are not mind

#20. Strong Chin


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