20 MyHumerus Life Comics Shows the Daily Life of Being a Radiologist


If you’ve ever believed that unexpected situations only happen to you, you’re not right. Because these awkward situations are captured by an artist who shows that almost everyone experiences these kinds of situations. He goes on Instagram by the username @MyHumerusLife. The artist is the chief resident diagnostic radiologist who lives in Philadelphia. He mostly creates comics about residency and life, as he writes in his Instagram bio.

The artist portrays the bizarre, embarrassing, and humorous situations that the majority of us face on a daily basis. He is known for being a master at capturing embarrassing moments in the world of comics and has earned 14,700 Instagram followers. His everyday experiences, both imagined and actual, act as inspiration for his comics. Here is a gallery of our selections for his top 20 comics. Enjoy these comics by scrolling down.

Credit: MyHumerus Life

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#1. Stat


#2. Congrats

#3. So true


#4. So Relatable

#5. Life of student


#6. Radiology

In response to a question on how he got started drawing comics, he said that he always writes down comedy ideas in his notebook. He turns such thoughts into his creative, humorous drawings in his spare time. His comics often contain witty puns, surprising turns, and real-life situations. His work is straightforward but expressive, using bright colors and clever punchlines.

#7. Completely normal


#8. As a child

#9. Doing the procedure


#10. Turn on

#11. Match Results


#12. not yet

#13. Moving


#14. So Relatable

He likes to look into topics such as love, friendship, and discovering humor in ordinary situations. He is an expert at capturing unexpected twitches. The joke will take an unexpected turn that will have you laughing aloud just when you think you get it. Keep up-to-date if you’d like to see more comics of this type. Don’t forget to comment about your favorite comic.

#15. Halloween


#16. Anatomy

#17. Diabetes Patient


#18. New job

#19. Medical Student


#20. Pain

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