20 Comics Full of unexpected Twists and Dark Endings by “Mr. Lovenstein”

A well-known Instagram artist named Mr. Lovenstein has amassed a sizable following thanks to his distinctive and hilarious cartoons. Mr. Lovenstein is one of the best-known musicians on the site, with over 843,000 followers. His comics are renowned for their absurdity and dark comedy, and as a result, he has a devoted fan base that can’t get enough of his work. Self-taught artist Mr. Lovenstein, whose real name is J.L. Westover, began his work as a graphic designer.

He started making comics as a hobby but quickly realized that a bigger audience would enjoy his work. Since he started sharing his cartoons on Instagram in 2012, his fame has soared. His cartoons have a unique aesthetic due to his frequent use of both hand-drawn and digital methods. His work stands out from that of other platform artists thanks in part to his use of strong, vibrant hues. When his jokes have unexpected twists and turns, his fans frequently laugh and shake their heads in astonishment.

He doesn’t hesitate to explore the darker aspects of human nature or broach taboo topics, which is one of the things that makes his work so compelling. Mr. Lovenstein’s cartoons frequently feature dark themes, but they also frequently have a playful and whimsical quality. In contrast to the more sinister subjects he tackles, many of his comics have cute creatures or fantastical settings. His work is appealing in part because of its ability to accept the absurd and its childlike sense of wonder. View a few of his most current illustrations in the section below.

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Credit: Mr. Lovenstein

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#1. Failure

#2. Just give up

#3. Mario

#4. In big trouble!

#5. This mother fucker

#6. Feel dead inside

#7. Nothing is impossible

#8. That makes sense

#9. I don’t know

#10. Cry over spilled milk

#11. Make you ugly

#12. Sent you my thoughts

#13. Love this tree

#14. You are late for work

#15. Can i text them?

#16. Opens a window

#17. God forgot about me

#18. You like rock?

#19. Number one

#20. Reveal your inner beauty

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