20 Mr. Lovenstein Comics Based on Awkward Situations and Unexpected Twists

Mr. Lovenstein is a web comic series created by J.L. Westover. He started creating his web comic out of a desire to be part of the exciting world of comics back in 2010. When he began, comics were a new and open platform compared to traditional comics published in newspapers. This free space allowed him to express himself in a unique way. His comics are famous for dark humor, awkward situations, and unexpected twists.


He started simple, creating his comics in his college room. The artist published them on a website he built himself. He released new comics three times a week for four years straight. This dedication helped him build a fan base. Now, he has a huge following of 921,000 followers on his Instagram account. We have collected his recent comics in the following section. We hope everyone will enjoy these comics.

Credit: Mr. Lovenstein

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#1. Rabbit


#2. social Media


#3. Baby

#4. Feel Happy


#5. Terrible Start

#6. No sadness allowed


His work is well-known for its surprising turns, dark views of everyday scenarios, and lighthearted look at challenging topics. The artist’s comics are also regularly shared on his Facebook page and Instagram account. His website is the best place to find his most recent work, as he uploads new comics on a regular basis. His dark comedy, which covers everything from difficult situations to sharp observations, is full of surprising turns.

#7. Let him Sniff

#8. Strongest


#9. Inadequate

#10. Using Big Words


#11. So Cool

#12. Tastes Nasty


#13. Meme

#14. Game


Despite the dark themes, the comics often touch on relatable situations or anxieties. This can make the humor even funnier, as we laugh at ourselves and the absurdity of life. If you’re looking for a web comic that will make you laugh and think, then Mr. Lovenstein comics are definitely worth checking out.

#15. AI

#16. Too Stressed


#17. Under my bed

#18. Cookies


#19. Monster

#20. High School


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