An Artist “Mona” always Makes Wholesome illustrations About Pole Dancing (20 Comics)

In recent years, pole dancing has gained immense popularity as a form of fitness and art. While the practice has often been associated with negative connotations, particularly in regards to its connection with strip clubs, the perception of pole dancing has been shifting, and it is increasingly being recognized as a legitimate form of artistic expression and a challenging physical activity.

Mona, also known as Mona’s Comics, is one artist who has played a significant role in promoting this message of optimism and empowerment through her Instagram profile. On her page, you can find a number of wholesome comics that honor pole dancing’s joy and empowering nature while also encouraging body positivity, self-assurance, and acceptance. A welcome change from the typical perception of pole dancing as a provocative and sexualized pastime is Mona’s Comics. She has 38,000 fans on Instagram. 

She instead presents it as a lovely form of art and a means of self-expression. Her comics are distinguished by their lighthearted and relatable depictions of pole dancers’ daily challenges and successes. Mona’s Comics capture the variety of feelings and experiences that come with learning and perfecting pole dancing, from the initial hesitations and coordination issues to the moments of pride and success. Her positive and empowering pole dance representations serve as a gentle reminder that our bodies are lovely and capable of incredible feats. Let’s look at some of her most current artwork.

Credit: Mona’s Comics

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#1. Ariel Hoop

#2. The perfect pedicure

#3. Choreography

#4. Pole dance, my life

#5. Don’t believe you

#6. Amazing performances

#7. Relatable?

#8. Feel so powerful

#9. Others vs me

#10. What people think I do

#11. Sexy inside

#12. Comfortable Tricks

#13. Truth, can you relate?

#14. Which type are you?

#15. After Holidays

#16. Male pole dancers

#17. Types of pole dancers

#18. Bad day

#19. Russian split

#20. True friend

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