20 Relatable Comics Sums Up the Misadventures of Cartoonist Lisa Popescu

Life is full of challenges and anxieties. The easiest solution to dealing with these worries is to enjoy some spare time and take a break from your busy schedule. The best way to appreciate comics We present to you another excellent batch of comics as a result. We would like to present to you Lisa Popescu’s Misadventures, a comic book illustrator. Her comics range from fantastical adventures to slice-of-life humor. This Facebook page is well-known for its content that is relatable.


Her most well-known experiences are the challenging ones she faces on a daily basis. This wonderful series portrays the humorous adventures of Lisa Popescu, a positive and joyful young woman who meets different situations and depicts them in her drawings. At the moment, she has eight thousand fans on Facebook. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for something to do with your free time, because the section that follows has a great selection of comics.

Credit: Misadventures Lisa Popescu

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#1. Digital Empathy


#2. Reality


#3. Romantic weekend

#4. Huge hurry


#5. Dating

#6. Shaving


It’s a slice-of-life comic that follows the life of a young American artist who is Filipino. The online comic depicts his journey through life, love, and art. Renowned for their lovely stories, comedy, and beautiful illustrations, her comics are well known. Among the many awards she has won are the 2020 Prism Award for Best Graphic Novel. That’s how she made her name in the world of comics.

#7. Eating healthy

#8. Lisa has made a terrible mistake


#9. Pay day

#10. What Lisa does when she’s bored


#11. Valentine’s day

#12. New Shirt


#13. Sorry

#14. Horror


#15. Miss Family

She uses her imagination to amuse others in real life in addition to creating an unexplored world of comics based on her daily life. Her comics are made humorous by the characters he uses. She primarily creates four-panel comics. Reading her comics is the simplest way to deal with anxiety. We hope you find the blog enjoyable.

#16. Interview


#17. That’s nice

#18. Summer


#19. First time

#20. So relatable


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