20 Times This Cartoonist Captures Struggles of Raising Kids and Life




Raising kids can be a beautiful and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and struggles. The responsibility of nurturing and guiding a child from infancy to adulthood demands immense patience, dedication, and selflessness. Sleepless nights during the early stages, juggling work and parental duties, and navigating through the various developmental phases can be physically and emotionally draining. Despite the difficulties, the journey is also marked by moments of joy, love, and pride, making it all the more worthwhile and enriching.

Messy Cow is a comic series created by Weng Chen, also known as Messy Cow. Weng Chen documents the struggles of raising kids in a humorous and relatable way. The website features various comics, including ones about parenting and everyday experiences. On Instagram, Messy Cow has over 31,900 followers. Through her art, she skillfully portrays the everyday challenges faced by parents, from sleepless nights and messy homes to the rollercoaster of emotions that come with parenthood.

Her cartoons also delve into the complexities of relationships, highlighting the ups and downs, the quirks, and the moments that make them special. Weng Chen’s relatable and heartwarming drawings resonate with audiences worldwide, providing comfort to parents who often feel they are not alone in their experiences. Her work serves as a delightful reminder that despite the difficulties, parenthood and relationships are also filled with love, laughter, and precious memories. Through her art, she encapsulates the beauty of embracing the journey of parenthood and the rollercoaster ride of love and companionship, creating an endearing and lasting impact on her audience.

Credit: Messy Cow

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#1. In a meeting

#2. Corona

#3. Two types of kids

#4. Thin hair problem

#5. The feeling is real

#6. New blanket is soft

#7. How to scare husband?

#8. Brain

#9. School

#10. Can’t come back

#11. Plastic surgery

#12. Sleep

#13. Six pack

#14. Freedom

#15. Bored

#16. From customer to the sales

#17. Life

#18. Books

#19. No chance!

#20. Pictures

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