20 illustrations by a Canadian illustrator known for her enchanting and whimsical artwork




Today, we’re diving into the enchanting universe of Maxine Vee, the Canadian wizard—no, not the wand-wielding kind, but the one armed with a paintbrush and a flair for the fantastical. Known as @artofmaxinevee on social media, Maxine has cast a spell on over 281,000 Instagram followers with her whimsical artwork that’s as colorful as a rainbow of caffeine.

Maxine isn’t your run-of-the-mill illustrator; she’s the sorceress of storytelling through drawings. Her illustrations aren’t just pretty pictures; they’re gateways to magical worlds where fairies gossip with gnomes and witches exchange recipes with forest spirits. It’s like stumbling into a dream where your imagination is the tour guide and Maxine’s art is the scenery that makes you go, “Whoa, I wish I had a one-way ticket to that place!”

Credit: Maxine Vee

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Now, what makes Maxine’s art so darn special? Well, apart from her impressive talent, it’s her attention to detail that feels like a warm hug from your favorite fantasy book. Her colors are so vibrant; they make rainbows look monochrome. Seriously, if her artwork had a flavor, it would be a mix of cotton candy and stardust—pure, magical sweetness.







Maxine’s muses are as wild and diverse as a mythical creature convention. She takes inspiration from nature, mythology, and folklore, blending them into a cocktail of creativity that could make even the most stoic art critic break into a grin. Imagine stumbling upon a painting of a mischievous fairy riding a dragonfly or a forest nymph having a chill day under a mushroom umbrella. That’s Maxine’s world, where everyday expressions meet extraordinary settings.







Maxine’s characters aren’t just static figures; they’re like your childhood pals brought to life. Whether it’s a fairy with a wicked grin or a serene forest creature practicing yoga, you can almost hear them chatting about their day. It’s like Maxine gave a secret handshake to the imaginary friends we all had as kids and said, “Hey, come hang out in my sketchbook.” And guess what? This Canadian conjurer isn’t just a hidden gem on Instagram; her artwork has strutted its stuff in various publications and exhibitions. Yep, Maxine’s creations have taken a walk on the red carpet of the art world, and they’re stealing the show.




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