20 Marginally Creative Comics Full of Clever Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

Taking a break from daily pressures allows your mind and body to relax. In this free time, doing things you enjoy is linked to improved mood and overall well-being. In these things, one of the best ways is to enjoy comics. For people who want to enjoy humor, comics with their engaging stories and visuals can be a great way to de-stress. That’s why we bring you another collection of hilarious comics.


Marginally Creative Comics is a web comic series that is famous for finding humor in the not-quite-perfect and the everyday. His comics are created by an artist who goes by the name Marginally Creative, and he shows different characters and relatable situations. He is the artist who is not so popular, but once you see his comics, there is no way of going back. We have collected some of his best comics. If you want to enjoy them, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Marginally Creative Comics

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#1. Drawing


#2. Strongest


#3. Going Full

#4. Exercise Your Cat


#5. All Good

#6. Rewards Program


The artist claimed that most of the crazy thoughts happened to him when he was engaging in foolish and silly behavior. Later on, he carefully combines those ideas into his comics. The main goal of the performer is to make the audience laugh with his clever jokes and puns. His amazing painting abilities usually allow him to make his audience laugh with his captivating illustrations.

#7. Piece Of my Mind

#8. AI Hands


#9. Life

#10. Millennial Dilemma


#11. Grocery List

#12. New Year


#13. Reused Goals

#14. Odd Volume


#15. Toilet Paper

He creates comics on a variety of hilarious topics. But they are mostly based on the character himself in humorous situations. If you’re looking for a laugh or if you can relate to the feeling of being a little bit weird, then Marginally Creative Comics is definitely worth checking out. Do not forget to comment about your favorite comics. Have a great day.

#16. Birthday Gift


#17. Red Note

#18. Best Friends


#19. Morning Bite

#20. Decorations


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