20 Comics illustrates the Behavior of Hogwarts Students When They are not Being Watched 

Comics that delve into the behavior of Hogwarts students when they are not being watched provide a delightful glimpse into the secret lives of these young witches and wizards. Beyond the hallowed halls and the watchful eyes of professors, these comics unveil moments of mischief, camaraderie, and unexpected adventures. Characters like Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the Hogwarts crew come to life in these strips, revealing their playful and mischievous sides.

Whether it’s sneaking into the restricted section of the library, experimenting with spells, or simply enjoying the rare moments of freedom, these comics offer a charming perspective on the magical world of Hogwarts that fans of the series cherish. It’s a reminder that even in the midst of extraordinary adventures, there’s always time for a bit of ordinary fun.

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Credit: Madame Lady Comics

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#1. Innocent Woman

#2. Get off my desk

#3. Watering


#4. Don’t Mind

#5. Potion Recipes

Madame Lady Comics is a webcomic series created by Sarah Dunlavey, a comic artist from Montreal. The comics are known for their humorous and often satirical take on everyday situations, as well as their feminist themes. Sarah Dunlavey shares her comics and illustrations on her Instagram account, which has 47,500 followers. One of the popular comics is “Hogwarts When No One’s Watching,” which illustrates the mischievous behavior of Hogwarts students when they are not being watched. 

#6. What’s going on?


#7. Detailed Piece of Art

#8. Not Again

#9. Christmas Party!


#10. I will Take it

The comics feature a variety of characters from the Harry Potter universe, and they often explore the funny and relatable side of student life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Dunlavey’s comics are known for their humor, relatability, and whimsical artwork. She often uses her comics to explore the challenges and joys of growing up, as well as the importance of friendship, community, and self-acceptance. Madame Lady Comics is a great way to get a laugh and feel connected to the Harry Potter fandom. Dunlavey’s comics are a reminder that even the most magical of worlds has its fair share of everyday challenges. But with the help of friends and loved ones, anything is possible.

#11. School Rules

#12. Supposed to be Teaching


#13. Dare Challenge

#14. Cut That Crap

#15. Inappropriate Behaviors


#16. Just Ignore Her

#17. That’s How it Happened

#18. Insecurities


#19. How Dare You

#20. No One Complaining

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