Here are 20 Cute and Decent Relationship Comics by Luvey and Dovey

Most comic strip authors seem to feel that everyday life makes for a popular subject. It’s probable that this topic will appeal to a broad audience and be easy to convey. Although everyday happenings that are the focus of many comics are shown, each artist interprets and expresses them in a different way. While some choose to highlight the challenges they experience on a daily basis, others choose to share little details about their romantic moments with their partner.

Luveyxdovey’s comics mostly show the love, charming moments, and daily hardships of couples. Her simple yet expressive style, along with pastel hues and clean lines, gives her comics a unique look. Her cartoons are unique since they are realistic. Her comics resonate with anyone who has ever been in a relationship because they portray emotions and situations that anyone can relate to. If you want to enjoy these cute comics, then take a cup of tea along with you and your partner and scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Luveyxdovey

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#1. Leg day

#2. Woof woof

#3. It’s an accident

#4. Merry Christmas!

#5. What a nice day!

#6. Night market entrance

#7. Pull me

The positive outlook of Luveyxdovey’s comics is one of the factors contributing to their growing popularity. While a lot of relationship comics highlight the challenges and hardships of being in a relationship, Luveyxdovey’s works highlight the benefits of love. Her illustrations highlight the happiness and satisfaction that can result from a loving and wholesome relationship. Her 263,000 followers are attracted to this positive thinking and value the upbeat message her comics portray.

#8. His leg hair is useful

#9. Just a sneeze!

#10. Left turn

#11. I wanna go out

#12. Oopss

#13. Workload for dinner

#14. Hugging you is enough

#15. I want muahh too!

Love isn’t always grand gestures and dramatic declarations. Adorable comics often highlight the little, routine events that constitute a relationship. Cute and respectable relationship comics are charming because they capture the unique characteristics and joys of love in a comforting and accessible way. We hope their comics are enjoyable. Have a nice day.

#16. Let me sing

#17. Lunch time

#18. Sleeping together

#19. Cookies

#20. Many years later

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