20 Comics by “Love Handle Comics” to Which Couples Can Relate

Living with your spouse may be a lot of fun because you […]

Living with your spouse may be a lot of fun because you can prepare dinners, watch movies, or simply be couch potatoes anytime you want. And Indian artist Rahul Singh is well aware of this. He even produced a cute comic series called “Love Handle Comics,” in which he depicts what it’s like to live with his wife—we’re sure many couples would find the comics quite relevant as well.

He is a popular Instagram artist that creates amusing and relatable artwork for people of all ages and backgrounds. With over 467k Instagram followers, Love Handle Comics has established himself as one of the most amusing and thought-provoking artists of our day. The goal of these comics is to highlight the amusing moments in our relationship with the world and to bring a little more joy into the lives of the readers.

A deep awareness of the human experience lies at the center of Love Handle Comics’ work. His comics are frequently themed on the challenges and disappointments of ordinary life, and his deft use of sarcasm and humor makes them approachable and appealing to anybody who stumbles across them. He always manages to make us laugh while also making us think. We’ve gathered some of his best illustrations, which the couples will undoubtedly relate to. Have a good time!

Credit: Love Handle Comics

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#1 “Beach Vacation”

#2 “Comfortable”

#3 “Lovely moment”


#4 “More hugs please”

#5 “Doctor’s recommendation”

#6 “Peice of art”


#7 “Made for each other”

#8 “Girl power”

#9 “Anyone else experienced this? ”


#10 “Sleep on my arm”

#11 “My new dress”

#12 “Smells so good”


#13 “You are welcome”

#14 “Can we watch something”

#15 “Go ahead”


#16 “Delete it now”

#17 “Looking cute”

#18 “That feels so better”


#19 “Beep Beep”

#20 “I want you”

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