20 Times This Artist Creates Relatable Comics Depicting Situations of Lost Motivation




Loree Jon Art is an Instagram artist who creates illustrations that portray the struggles many of us face in the modern world. Her work is known for its silly humor and relatable content. Loree Jon Art often uses phrases and drawings to create humorous comics that people can relate to and smile about. Her work has earned a special place in social media, where she has more than 114,000 followers and receives comments like, “I’m laughing in public!” and “You’re really talented.”

We are made aware that these unpleasant thoughts and behaviors are not unique to us by the increasing number of internet artists who produce quick and humorous comics and sketches that represent commonplace events to which many people may relate. Illustrator and comic artist Loron R. shares her artwork on Instagram, and the circumstances she describes are universal ones that anyone could encounter. Loree Jon Art frequently employs words and images to produce amusing comics that make readers grin.

Despite her popularity on social media, there is limited information available about Loree Jon Art as an artist, and it is unclear if she has a website or social media presence beyond Instagram. Loree Jon Art creates illustrations that portray the struggles many of us face in the modern world. Her work is known for its silly humor and relatable content. Her illustrations are often about everyday situations and struggles that people face, such as dealing with anxiety, procrastination, and social awkwardness. Let’s take a look at some of her recent comics.

Credit: Loree Jon Art Comics

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#1. It haven’t that hard

#2. Times have changed

#3. What if i just wanna dress up!

#4. Not funny

#5. What’s your opinion on kids

#6. Conversation

#7. People are the problem

#8. Embarrassing fact

#9. Funny joke

#10. Lost

#11. Wanna talk

#12. Slump!

#13. Big dic

#14. You’re my world

#15. Buttered toast

#16. Daddy

#17. Test was so hard

#18. No dating

#19. Feeling of a fresh new sponge

#20. I swear!

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