Here are 20 Little Porpoise Comics That Will Make You Laugh

Today, we’ll introduce you to a comic by Little Porpoise that is a masterpiece in the comics genre, with the hope that it will help you temporarily forget about your troubles and enter the land of happiness. It is a web comic series created by artist and writer K.C. Green. Not so much personal information is revealed by the web comic series’ creator. His comics are definitely not ordinary and simple.

The stories that are expertly illustrated and the jokes that have clever and unexpected twists will attract the interest of most readers in his works. His comics also have a unique style to their visuals. They have 34,600 Instagram followers, which is a big family. His art style is charming and quirky, and the comics often cover humor, slice-of-life moments, and relatable struggles. You can check out his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Little Porpoise

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#1. The Chase

#2. Caw

#3. Not True

#4. Robot Jesus

#5. Anti Christ

#6. A cold move

His drawings chronicle the adventures of Little Porpoise, a young porpoise that lives in a world where both people and underwater creatures exist. Little Porpoise is a good-hearted and compassionate person, but because of his innocence, he frequently gets into trouble. There are many heartfelt, humorous, and touching moments throughout the comic.

#7. Play Time

#8. Garden Variety Math

#9. Making Waves

#10. Mosquitoes Bite

#11. Walls

#12. Opposite World

#13. Ring

#14. Bucky the Horse

#15. A cute angel

The comic artist promotes a unique brand of sarcastic humor and hilarious comedy. You can see how the humor in his comics shifts from colorful to text-based to picture-only humor. And there’s always something funny in them that readers can explore. His cartoons are simple, basic, and cartoonish, with weird, sharp, and witty comments that never fail to make people laugh.

#16. Heat wave

#17. Heaven can weight

#18. Help

#19. Happy Pride Month

#20. The cutest sin

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