20 LICD Comics Shows the Hilarious Adventures of Relationships and Gender

Many people love to enjoy couple comics because they are also in a relationship and can relate to this type of comic. That’s why we bring an artist who makes such types of comics. Let me introduce you to an Instagram account named LICD Comics. The full form of LICD is Least I Could Do. The genius mind behind this comic series never fails to make his fans laugh through his fabulous content.


He mostly makes comics based on long-distance relationships and the moments that happen in such a relationship. He knows his comedy very well. His comics are always meant to make his admirers laugh. He can thus interact with 12,300 Instagram followers as a result. To brighten your day, let’s explore some of the greatest illustrations. We hope your time will be worth it to watch these comics.

Credit: LICD

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#1. More Experience


#2. Bridge


#3. Let’s Walk

#4. Have to tip


#5. Hot tub

#6. Too much Hot


Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza, two talented illustrators, created this web comic. Every reader has fallen in love with them. This humorous comic follows the life of Rayne Summers, who is a young lady. LICD Comics is a well-known source of quirky humor and a willingness to speak up on difficult topics. His comics regularly address relationships and gender.

#7. Doctor

#8. Set The record


#9. Make it

#10. Some Juice


#11. It’s Water

#12. Take Less Pills


#13. Do not take Care

#14. Fine


Basically, what happens to a group of smart friends is the primary focus of this comic strip. LICD is primarily a comedic comic strip that has been nominated for numerous awards, such as the Harvey and Schuster Awards. This is because of their hard work and constant dedication to making comics. We hope you all enjoy his comics. We hope you have an amazing day.

#15. What Color?

#16. Do not Agree


#17. Caught it

#18. Question


#19. Potato Chips

#20. Do not know


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