Here are 20 Absurd Comics Full of Unexpected Twists and Dark Humor Jokes

Absurd comics, brimming with unexpected twists and dark humor, have long captivated audiences seeking a unique blend of wit and eccentricity. These comic strips, characterized by their unconventional narratives and unconventional sense of humor, transport readers into a world where anything can happen and nothing is off-limits. Today, we will introduce you to absurd comics by Lemon Sandwich to bring smiles to your face and help you unwind a bit during your break at work.

Lemon Sandwich’s comics often feature simple yet expressive illustrations of everyday situations. The artist’s sense of humor is often dry and understated, but their comics always manage to hit the mark with their relatable content. Whether they’re depicting the struggles of modern dating, the joys of friendship, or the absurdity of everyday life, Lemon Sandwich’s comics always leave readers with a smile on their faces. In these comics, the very foundation of logic and reason is often subverted, leading to a delightfully disorienting experience. He currently has 248,000 Instagram followers.

The unexpected twists and turns that permeate each panel keep readers on their toes, never quite knowing what bizarre scenario or hilarious punchline awaits them. Another hallmark of these comics is their mastery of dark humor, often pushing the boundaries of what is considered taboo or inappropriate. These strips fearlessly tackle sensitive subjects, inviting readers to confront their own discomfort while still eliciting laughter. The skillful interplay of unexpected punchlines and grim topics provides a cathartic release, making us question our own biases and assumptions. The artistry of absurd comics is not to be overlooked either. Let’s take a look at some of his best illustrations.

Credit: Lemon Sandwich Comics

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#1. Animal testing

#2. Weldone!

#3. Maths

#4. Life drawing class

#5. Don’t trust them

#6. Desert island

#7. Losing my mind

#8. Who’s a good boy?

#9. Tubbieland

#10. Stop

#11. A bear

#12. Put the money in the bag

#13. Max protein

#14. Tell my wife

#15. Heart attack

#16. Masks

#17. Bygones

#18. Accident

#19. Ring of protection

#20. I will have what she’s having

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