20 Times Kesanitw Creates Heartwarming Comics Based on Human-like Animals

Kesanitw is a comic artist from Taiwan known for creating adorable and heartwarming comics that show human-like animals. He portrays animals like cats, dogs, and bears engaging in human activities and expressing emotions we can all relate to. He explores themes of friendship, love, environmental awareness, and everyday life challenges in a lighthearted and positive way. They can sometimes touch on more serious topics as well.


By using pets, he teaches valuable lessons about friendship, the environment, and a variety of other subjects in his illustrations. By exploring such themes, he is able to amass an audience of 137,000 followers on his Instagram account. His artwork is simple, colorful, and cute, with expressive characters that are sure to melt your heart. The artist’s main goal is to bring a smile to people’s faces and raise awareness about important issues.

Credit: Kesanitw

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#1. Excellent Diver


#2. Practicing Meditation


#3. Pooped

#4. Working


#5. Hungry

#6. Message From Love


He says art and storytelling have always been a part of his life, leading him to create comics at a young age. These early creations have motivated him to create comics in the current style. He mostly uses puppy characters in his comics because of their cute nature and their ability to convey heartwarming emotions through them.

#7. Horror

#8. Can’t believe


#9. So black

#10. Delete it


#11. Do it again

#12. Natural Hair


#13. So good

#14. Bad Day


According to him, people often think of animals as their best friends and companions. You most likely already know that if you own one. Pets are genuinely loving, supporting you through a variety of emotional challenges, reducing stress, and being there for you in times of need. If you also have a pet, you will definitely relate to his comics. For more such comics, regularly visit our website.

#15. Don’t worry

#16. Following You


#17. Looks Like You

#18. Lost Dog


#19. So Romantic

#20. Sleeping


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