20 Hilarious Comics Full of Clever Twists Make You Laugh Out Loud

Hilarious comics with sharp twists capture a special combination of surprise, humor, and joy that triggers us to burst out laughing. To deliver the punchline with maximum effect, timing, jokes, visual humor, and character reactions are all important. The artist who we’re going to introduce today is perfect at each of these things. Meet an Instagram account, Kayyleigh Comics.

Let me introduce you to an artist whose comics you’ve never seen before. The artist is not well-known but her content is usually entertaining. She does not have enough Instagram followers, and she prefers to remain unknown and not reveal much about herself. But her humorous comics will make you laugh. We’ve gathered a list of her best comics in the section below. If you want to enjoy them, keep scrolling.

Credit: Kayyleigh Comics

For more info: Instagram

#1. War

#2. Anniversary

#3. Cake

#4. Morning Wood

#5. Inner Child

#6. Date

Her comics varies from two-panels to four panels because according to her one panel is not enough to convey the humor. Her comics are funny and relatable. When the characters in her comics are going through something that we’ve also experienced, it makes us feel like we’re not alone. This relatability makes us laugh and tickle our funny bone.

#7. Vector

#8. Roller Coaster

#9. Vaccination

#10. Baby

#11. Call Me

#12. Comic Club

#13. History Lesson

#14. Happy New Year

#15. Cookies

When we’re reading a comic, we’re expecting a certain outcome. But when the punchline comes, it’s something we didn’t see coming. This element of surprise is what makes us laugh out loud. In the end, her skillfully twisted humor serves as a reminder that laughter often comes from surprise, creativity, and hilarious situations.

#16. Christmas

#17. Snow

#18. Texting

#19. Marriage

#20. Key

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