20 Times Cartoonist Jon Shows His Everyday Adventures in a Relatable Way


When you’re constantly doing tasks in your busy life, your brain gets overloaded. Taking breaks for enjoyable activities allows your mind to relax and feel recharged. The best way is to do things you enjoy, which simply makes you happy. One of the things you can do is enjoy comics. If you are a comic lover and search for the best collection of comics, then you have come to the right place.

We are happy to introduce to you today another outstanding artist named Jon Fortenbury. He’s a well-known, creative cartoonist who is well-known for his humorous and realistic drawings, many of which feature everyday situations. His Just Jon Comics Instagram account has made him famous. He has 9,052 followers. A selection of his top 20 comics can be found in the following section. His comics will make you smile with his clever observations and unexpected turns.

Credit: Just Jon Comics

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#1. Doubting


#2. Right Person

#3. Last of us


#4. Genie

#5. Nothing scares


#6. Good Night

The artist is not well recognized, but his works of art are usually enjoyable. He doesn’t have enough Instagram followers, and he prefers to remain anonymous and avoid sharing too much personal information. However, his friendly comedy will make you laugh. He believes that four panels are insufficient for conveying the humor in his comics; hence, they are typically built on four panels.

#7. Code


#8. Parking

#9. Funeral


#10. Tell You

#11. Santa


#12. Conflict

#13. Text me


#14. Answer

He claims that when we read a comic, we have certain expectations. The punchline, on the other hand, caught everyone by surprise. This element of surprise is what causes us to laugh out loud. Ultimately, his skillfully twisted humor acts as an example that unexpectedness, inventiveness, and humorous situations are often the sources of entertainment. Please remember to share if his comics surprise and delight you with their clever twists.

#15. That’s great


#16. Bald

#17. Vegans


#18. Concept

#19. Go to hell


#20. Where am I?

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