Here are 20 Jordy Comics Full of Twists for Dark Humor Lovers

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Dark humor is so popular and enjoyed by people because of the many twists and clever punchlines. When readers think they get the joke, then there is a twist in the next panel, which makes them laugh more. That’s why we bring you another collection of dark comics. If you are also a fan of dark humor, then it’s time for you to enjoy a fresh collection of dark comics if you wish to brighten up a bad day.


Let me introduce an Instagram account named Jordy Comics. Since a few years ago, he has been regularly uploading strange and funny comics to his Instagram account. Jordy is the artist’s real name. He also claimed that he likes philosophy, exercise, meditation, and parenting kids. As you can see, he had a little following on Instagram after he stopped drawing comics for personal reasons after doing them for a while. Enjoy some of his best comics.

Credit: Jordy Comics

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#1. Patient’s Family

image 2397

#2. Queen

image 2398

#3. Fly Soup

image 2399

#4. Regular Medications

image 2401

#5. Invention

image 2402

#6. Can you hear me?

image 2403

He is a registered doctor and makes comics as well. Even though it only takes him a few hours to create a comic from start to finish, he claims that every comic idea could work for days and take multiple forms before it is finished. Although he has a great gift for humor, his comics are often a little bit dark. Due to this, his comics never fail to amuse his fans.

#7. Looks Like

image 2400

#8. Mask

image 2404

#9. Take a nap

image 2405

#10. Shoot me

image 2406

#11. That’s Life

image 2407

#12. Healthcare Heroes

image 2408

#13. Emergency Buzzer

image 2409

#14. Gravity

image 2410

Even with the dark humor in his work, he maintains a friendly and supportive manner. However, his primary objective is to make people laugh so they can temporarily put their problems aside. We hope all of you loved his comics. Visit our website frequently as we post articles about new comic artists every day if you’re looking for more comics of this kind. We hope you have an amazing day.

#15. Mother of the year

image 2411

#16. Prevention Risk

image 2412

#17. Best Medicine

image 2413

#18. Sedation

image 2414

#19. Real Story

image 2415

#20. Happy

image 2416

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