Here are 20 Single-Panel Comics By Jim Collett To Make You Smile

Single-panel humor is mostly seen in the world of comics. But many artists think that it is difficult to make people laugh through it. Because every word in the caption and every detail in the image needs to be carefully chosen for maximum impact. But artist Jim Collett takes it very easy. He believes that it is very easy to make single-panel jokes, and he is an expert at it.

The artist Jim Collett states in his bio that he just turns to highlight humorous aspects of life. Sometimes, he thinks, your remarks are funnier than his cartoons. Since he was a little child, he has desired to create humorous comics, but he has never felt sufficiently skilled. The closest he got was a sketchy drawing he did of a superhero. Nevertheless, he persisted and decided to launch his comic book series.

Credit: Jim Collett

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He used to always be the first person to pick up the newspaper as a child and look at the one-panel cartoons right away. The artist was amazed at his ability to draw up a humorous scenario every day on a limited number of panels. He soon discovered that all it takes to make people laugh is a ridiculous drawing, and you don’t have to be a talented artist. Let’s enjoy his best comics.

#1. Just Kidding

#2. Spam Everyone

#3. From My Mom


#4. Go Fish

#5. Remove It

#6. Upside Down Cake


A common misconception is that anything has to make people laugh in order to be considered humorous. However, Jim Collet says that it is not true. Beause believes that humor is anything that makes people smile, breathe, relax their bodies, and feel happy. His comics have this quality, and he never fails to amuse his audience with his fabulous content.

#7. Left The stove on

#8. Signs of fall

#9. Diet and exercise


#10. Blow Fish

#11. Try It Now

Though this comic book series is relatively new, he has a lengthy history of creating comics on many platforms. He experienced a sea change in his life when he began drawing comics to attract the attention of many people. The artist always used a clever punchline and hidden jokes in his comics to attract the greatest reaction from the audience.

#12. Going Command


#13. Try it now

#14. Pasture

#15. Email


#16. Old Men

His daily comics tend to be entertaining and funny. The good news is that, in his spare time, he continues to create new comics. The easiest method to discover happiness is to read his comics. You can also find such types of blogs by visiting Bored Comics in detail. We hope you will have a great experience while reading.

#17. What kind of message?

#18. Trust Fall


#19. Returns

#20. Danger Quick Sand

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