20 Times Artist Jeremy Ville Makes Comics About Loneliness and Mental Struggles

Jeremy Ville is an Australian-born and New York-based artist, designer, and author. He is an artist who is a very kind person and features messages that promote kindness, compassion, and positivity. His work is known for its positive and uplifting messages, often delivered through strange characters and simple visuals. The main theme of his work is the importance of community and connection.


This ever-growing series features over 6.373 artworks that spread positive messages through public art installations, murals, animations, and more. That’s why he is able to reach an audience of 103,000 followers on his Instagram account. This is all because of his hard work and fabulous drawing skills and ideas. We have collected his best comics for you so that you can deal with your mental struggles.

Credit: Jeremy Ville

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#1. Feeling Lost


#2. Better


#3. A lot of burden

#4. Thought


#5. Clue

#6. Ending


At the moment, the artist resides in Australia. In 2012, he started drawing comic strips. According to what he has said, he started them as a means of artistic expression. This web comic series explores topics of anxiety, despair, and self-doubt by means of accessible and sometimes amusing pictures about ordinary life. He has been honest about his personal battles with depression, and his cartoons frequently address these subjects in a funny and friendly way.

#7. Dreams

#8. Family


#9. Greatest Gift

#10. Beautiful Day


#11. Life

#12. Time for bed


#13. New Likes

He claims that humor and an element of fantasy are commonly employed in his work to express its ideas. This humorous approach helps viewers connect with the artwork more deeply and makes difficult concepts more approachable. His main concerns are goodwill, compassion, and meaningful societal change. It acts as a reminder of the wonderful things in the world and the impact that one person can have.

#14. Still You


#15. Old Habits

#16. The Song Writer


#17. Take Time

#18. Somewhere Else


#19. Dream And Plan

#20. Friends Forever


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