Artist Captures Everyday Life with Her Husband in 20 Splash of Life Comics


Hey there, fellow dreamers and art enthusiasts! Welcome to the vibrant realm of Jelly Bae Comics, where everyday life transforms into a vivid tapestry of heartfelt moments, quirky adventures, and a dash of spicy kimchi goodness. Nestled within these delightful panels lies the brainchild of the effervescent artist, Jelly Bae Jezz, whose brush strokes breathe life into the whimsical world of “Daily Jelly.”

Ever wondered how ordinary moments can be spun into extraordinary tales? Well, let me take you on a journey through the kaleidoscope of Jelly Bae’s creative mind, where the seemingly mundane metamorphoses into an enchanting blend of artistry, humor, and heartfelt storytelling.

An outdated beauty girl navigating life’s twists and turns, an astrophysicist hubby with a penchant for all things nerdy, and a big cat mom adorning the canvas of everyday life. That’s the magic of Jelly Bae’s comic series! With “Daily Jelly,” she captures the essence of her daily escapades with her husband, infusing it with a sprinkle of gaming antics and a whole lot of warmth.

Credit: Jelly Bae Comics

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#1. Christmas!


#2. So Relatable

#3. Gamer Girl


#4. Proposal Expectation

#5. Hard Working


From a young age, Jelly Bae was a dreamer, fueled by the endless tales tucked within the pages of books. The longing to become a storyteller lingered as one of her earliest aspirations. And what better medium to weave her tales than through the vibrant strokes of her artistic expressions? Art became her sanctuary, her haven for self-expression, a canvas where her imagination ran wild and free. As she reminisces about her journey, Jelly Bae fondly recalls being that girl in class, fervently doodling away in her notebook. It was an art form that she never outgrew; it grew and blossomed with her, evolving into a passion that shaped her identity.

#6. Graduates

#7. Korean Girl!


#8. Indoor People vs Night Owls

#9. Dressed Up!


#10. When Hungry

But how did the enchanting world of Jelly Bae Comics come to life? Motivation, passion, and a deep love for storytelling ignited the spark. The desire to encapsulate the beauty of everyday life, tinged with laughter, love, and the subtle nuances of being a Korean girl married to an astrophysicist, led her to embark on her comic-making journey.

#11. Long Distance Relationship


#12. Start of the relationship

#13. During Toilet


#14. Sketch

#15. Feel Down Today


#16. Lift

Ideas flow like a gentle stream through Jelly Bae’s mind, each ripple bringing forth a new story waiting to be unveiled. The inspiration behind her comics is drawn from the intricacies of daily life—simple moments that resonate with the hearts of readers worldwide. From savoring the aroma of kimchi wafting through the kitchen to the exhilarating gaming adventures shared with her husband, Jelly Bae’s life forms the bedrock of her imaginative tales.

#17. Few Moments Later


#18. Fart

#19. Super Natural Character


#20. Snow Time

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