20 Times an Artist Perfectly Captures the Issues People Struggle With These Days

In a world governed by algorithms and shaped by the omnipresence of […]

In a world governed by algorithms and shaped by the omnipresence of technology, Jay Samit stands at an intriguing intersection. With an Instagram account boasting 250 posts, 6,450 followers, and 1,344 followings, he navigates the digital landscape while using a traditional medium—painting—to retain his sanity amidst an increasingly chaotic reality.

Samit’s journey is a paradoxical tale, one where the creator of the very technologies that now wield unprecedented control over our lives finds solace in the simplicity of art. “I paint to stay sane in an insane world,” he declares, encapsulating the dichotomy of his existence. His canvases become sanctuaries, realms where the incessant buzz of artificial intelligence and the grip of technology loosen their hold, allowing him to explore the subtleties of human expression through strokes of color and imagination.

Credit: Jay Samit

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#1. Captcha!

#2. Prince

#3. Love


#4. Anonymous

#5. Feel Me

#6. More Fun


The crux of Samit’s perspective lies in his observation of the evolving nature of pop culture. Once a communal experience that bound individuals together, it has transformed into a fragmented, isolating interaction dictated by powerful technological forces. What was once shared on a grand scale now exists as personalized, curated feeds tailored by algorithms that wield profound influence over our choices, relationships, and beliefs.

#7. Stay Forever

#8. Hard to login

#9. Disagrees


#10. Forgetting

#11. Got it

#12. Ashamed


Decades spent pioneering innovative technologies that now dominate our world have granted Samit a unique vantage point. He candidly admits to his role in creating video games that adapt addictively to players’ behaviors and advertising platforms that shape not only consumer behavior but also the political landscape. In echoing Dr. Ian Malcolm’s famous line from Jurassic Park, Samit reflects, “I was so preoccupied with whether we could do these things that I didn’t stop to think if I should.”

#13. Installed Them

#14. Wishing Apple

#15. Be Kind and Rewind


#16. Corn

#17. Monopoly

Yet, amidst this retrospective acknowledgment, Samit’s art becomes his rebellion—an act of reclaiming agency in a landscape seemingly governed by unstoppable forces. Through his paintings, he offers a poignant commentary on the human condition, inviting viewers to pause, reflect, and question the ramifications of our technological trajectory. His canvases serve as a counterbalance, urging society to reconsider the unchecked power of artificial intelligence in dictating our choices, relationships, and perceptions. Each brushstroke becomes a defiance, a reminder that, amidst the whirlwind of technological advancement, the essence of humanity, raw and unfiltered, still persists.

#18. Spam


#19. Passing the Earth

#20. Revenge

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