20 Wholesome Comics by “Jangandfox” illustrate How Beautiful Life Can Be

Jang and Fox, also known as Jang, is a self-taught artist from South Korea who specializes in digital illustrations. Their art style is a mix of vibrant colors, playful patterns, and adorable characters. Jang’s illustrations often feature animals and creatures with big eyes and whimsical expressions, making them instantly recognizable. Jang and Fox’s success is well-deserved, and their future in the art world looks bright. He currently has an audience of 338,000 fans on his Instagram account. 

What sets Jang and Fox apart from other artists on Instagram is their attention to detail and their ability to create art that evokes a range of emotions. Jang’s illustrations are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they also tell a story. Each character has a personality, and their facial expressions and body language reflect that. Jang’s illustrations are always bright and cheerful, with a color palette that ranges from pastels to bold primaries.

One of Jang and Fox’s most popular series is their “Tiny Story” illustrations. These are short comics that tell a complete story in just a few panels. The stories are heartwarming, funny, and relatable, making them a hit with fans. Jang’s ability to tell a story with their illustrations is a testament to their creativity and artistic talent. The use of color adds depth and dimension to their illustrations, making them more than just a flat image on a screen. We have compiled his best 20 illustrations in the next section.

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Credit: Jang and Fox

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#1. Beautiful things can happen in a breath!

#2. How are you blooming?

#3. Knowing you


#4. A helping hand is an extension of the heart

#5. Happiness is a ready guest

#6. You might need a mid week seal


#7. Wrap yourself up, whichever way you like it!

#8. Okay and necessary

#9. I love myself


#10. Shadow in life may look excessively scary sometimes

#11. Things will become better

#12. May you find magic in the mundane


#13. Accepting you for you

#14. Sometimes we lift with great strength

#15. Why do we still letters?


#16. Reporting for duty

#17. Taking a step back is not a regress

#18. Long and scary


#19. What an ordinary day?

#20. Why the little things?

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