20 Times This Artist Encapsulates Dark Humor and Surreal Situations




In this world of ink and imagination, the mundane becomes extraordinary, and the unsettling is transformed into a source of laughter. Comics possess a remarkable ability to encapsulate the realms of dark humor and surreal situations with unparalleled finesse. Within the pages of comic strips and graphic novels, the absurd and the macabre collide, giving birth to a brand of humor that treads the fine line between hilarity and discomfort. These comics offer a lens through which we can explore dark themes.

Jake Likes Onions is an internet comic artist who specializes in baggy eyes and human viscera. This webcomic series was created by Jake Thompson. Known for their dark and offbeat humor, the comics often feature surreal and absurd scenarios, making them a favorite among fans of unconventional comedy. The comic’s distinctive style and wit have garnered it a dedicated following of 369,000 Instagram followers, showcasing how humor can be found in the most unexpected places.

Jake’s has keen observational skills and talent for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. He creates comics about a variety of topics, including everyday life, social commentary, and absurdist humor. His comics are known for their simple but effective artwork, their quirky and relatable characters, and their unique perspective on the world. Beyond the humor, “Jake Likes Onions” often delves into thought-provoking themes, touching on subjects like introspection, identity, and the human condition. This blend of humor and depth has contributed to the webcomic’s enduring popularity. If you are a fan of humor, comics, or just positive and uplifting content, I highly recommend checking out his comics in the next section.

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Credit: Jake Likes Onions

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#1. My Soul is Gross

#2. Time Left

#3. Cooking for others

#4. Good Morning

#5. So touching when this happens

#6. Whatever

#7. Nature

#8. Angels radiate radiation

#9. Death before sticky hands

#10. Face to Face

#11. Shut it down

#12. Puppies First

#13. Go through the beautiful vent

#14. Old stone wall

#15. Lithography

#16. Shut Up

#17. The feeling isn’t mutual

#18. Tragic

#19. Shit

#20. The concept of milk

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