20 Relatable Comics Show the Misadventures of Two Roommates

Step into the humorous world of relatable comics, where the misadventures of two roommates take center stage. These delightful comic strips chronicle the everyday escapades of two friends navigating the roller-coaster ride of cohabitation. Through relatable humor and endearing illustrations, readers are treated to a lighthearted glimpse into the ups and downs, the joys, and the challenges of living with a roommate. The characters in these comics are lovable and relatable, each with their own unique quirks and personalities.

Jagodibuja is the online alias of Jhon Alexander Guerra, a Colombian artist and comic book creator. He is best known for his webcomic Living with Hipstergirl and Gamergirl, which has been translated into English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. While the artist’s real identity remains private, Jagodibuja has gained a significant following online due to their unique and distinct art style. The content created by Jagodibuja often features sensual and suggestive themes, appealing to 65,800 audiences.

Their illustrations typically portray characters from popular culture, such as well-known cartoon characters, reimagined in provocative and alluring scenarios. Jagodibuja’s art is characterized by its clean lines, vibrant colors, and playful humor. He often draws inspiration from anime, manga, and video games. His work has been praised for its originality, wit, and heart. Jagodibuja is a talented artist and comic book creator who is making a name for himself in the world of webcomics. His work is sure to continue to entertain and inspire fans for years to come. If you’re a fan of webcomics, I highly recommend checking out Jagodibuja’s work. You won’t be disappointed.

Credit: Jagodibuja Comics

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#1. Shoot him!

#2. Attention

#3. What’s wrong?

#4. Harassment

#5. Height

#6. Just for a coffee

#7. Terrible mistake

#8. Mother’s day surprise

#9. Elasticity

#10. Silly to pay

#11. Grandpa

#12. Job

#13. Miracle!

#14. Story!

#15. Disgusting

#16. Video games

#17. Don’t understand

#18. Never dare!

#19. Several tiers

#20. Which one?

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