20 Weinye Comics Depict Relatable Experiences in Everyday Life


Life is full of challenges and joys. We all face relatable experiences in our daily lives. But we think we are the only ones who face them. That’s why we introduced you to a new collection of comics, so that you don’t think you are alone in your struggles. Let me introduce an Instagram account named It’s Weinye. It is the creation of talented artist Weinye Chen, a Malaysian illustrator who uses humor to depict relatable experiences in everyday life.

Her comics feature the artist themselves as a redheaded character with a blunt and honest personality. She has 197,000 Instagram followers. From dealing with the struggles of sleep to experiencing social interactions, the comics offer a humorous look at everyday situations. Her comics explore the complexities of love and relationships with a lighthearted touch. Weinye’s signature style is characterized by relatable humor and honesty. You can check out her best comics in the following section.

Credit: It’s Weinye

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#1. Over Whelmed


#2. Yummy food

#3. Happy Chemicals


#4. Good hair day

#5. Morning coffee


#6. Now wise

Her age is thirty. She started creating Instagram illustrations when she moved to San Francisco in 2011 as a way to update her friends and family back home in Malaysia on her new life. But with patience and hard work, she becomes well-known and continues to create comics featuring bizarre themes for her loyal fans to enjoy. She began doing this, and today her comics are well-known.

#7. Question


#8. Finger grab

#9. Proud off


#10. Violence

#11. Some water


#12. So excited

#13. Iced Coffee


#14. So relatable

She publishes her comics on her own personal website as well. Her bio describes her as serving you some sass with a side of potato chips, so her comics are the perfect way to relax, and lighthearted comedy is a major part of her performance. If you enjoy it, you may click this link to view her previous posts on our website.

#15. Loves me


#16. Make it Fashion

#17. Rowdy boys


#18. Which one are you?

#19. Installed


#20. Never again

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