20 Times Cartoonist Brandon Makes People Laugh With His Childhood Adventures

Childhood adventures are those special moments from our youth that stay with us long after we grow up. They are filled with a sense of wonder, exploration, and boundless imagination. The world is a huge and exciting place when you are a child. It is a time when children can be somewhat free and have an adventurous spirit without the same worries that adults may have. With this freedom, kids can try new things, take chances, and grow from their experiences without worrying about their responsibilities.

Similarly, there is an artist on Instagram who makes comics about such topics. The artist’s good name is Brandon Bradshaw. He is an artist who does art and animation and is also the author of Introverse Comics. He is the artist who portrays everyday scenarios from childhood, like building forts, playing make-believe, and experiencing school life. He makes comics about the moments he faced during his childhood.

Credit: Brandon Bradshaw

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Here are some of his best comics to refresh your memories from childhood:

#1. New Teeth

#2. Taken Out

#3. Extroverts


#4. Welcome to hell

#5. Living Life To The Fullest

He is the artist who makes comics about the adventures of childhood. He himself shows himself as the small child character in his comics, which mostly involves doing hilarious acts. His comics sometimes show the struggles and fears a child faces, such as the fear of going back to school on Monday morning after a weekend.

#6. Apocalypse


#7. Soda and Coffee

#8. Priorities

#9. Just five more minutes


#10. Clones

His comics mostly portray the world through a child’s lens, where everything is new and exciting. He says that the comics showcasing childhood adventures highlight the importance of play and imagination in a child’s development. This innocent perspective can be a refreshing break from the complexities of adulthood and can bring a smile to our faces.

#11. Alarms

#12. works with his hands


#13. Wild Cat

#14. Inner Demons

#15. Back to school


#16. Student loans

In general, comics portraying childhood experiences make us laugh because they appeal to our sense of humor, nostalgia, and enjoyment of the simpler times in life. They provide a warm journey back in time to a moment of innocence and excitement, bring back pleasant memories, and become an important reminder of the beauty of experiencing the world through a child’s eyes. For more such fabulous content, visit Bored Comics regularly.

#17. Power of Friendship

#18. Blob Fish


#19. Motivational Videos

#20. Jesus Tracks

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