20 In Your Face Cake Comics Shows Silly Situations That Will Make You Laugh

In Your Face Cake is a comic series created by a female artist whose good name is Julie. She is a 27-year-old artist from Denmark. Her comics show the humorous and quirky everyday life of the artist. She mostly uses humor to capture relatable and silly situations. The artist makes comics on themes such as struggles of daily life, forgetting your keys, putting on makeup, adulting, social interactions, meeting new people, and random encounters.

Her comics sometimes touch on relationships, depicting the ups and downs of dating and friendship. She also shows her inner thoughts and anxieties, adding another layer of humor and relatability. She currently has a huge audience of 153,000 followers on her Facebook page and 40,500 followers on her Instagram account. We have collected some of her best comics in the following section. We hope these comics will make your day.

Credit: In Your Face Cake

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#1. Ready to get scared


#2. Any Ideas


#3. Eating Leaves


#4. Dirty Job


#5. Confess


#6. Stomach feels weird


She is the artist who celebrates the joys of introversion and spending time alone. The artist is not so social, and she does not like to meet new people and make new friends. That’s why she does not share her personal information on her Instagram account or other social media platforms. She wants to spend her time alone and doing things that satisfy her.

#7. cool cat


#8. Trust the process


#9. Bitch or fix?


#10. Vacation

#11. Early dinner

#12. Collect treasure

#13. Movie Time

#14. Phone tone

She says that while sitting alone, she gets the most out of the silly ideas in her mind. Then she transforms those ideas into her creative drawings, which are always enjoyed by her fans. She mostly creates four-panel drawings. If you’re looking for a good laugh, then we recommend you watch her comics. We guarantee that her comics will surely make your day brighter.

#15. Good Picture

#16. Not mine

#17. Not enough

#18. Pet me

#19. Nice day

#20. Crush

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