20 Idiot of The East Comics Shows a Humorous Look at Everyday Life

Idiot of the East is an Instagram account that was created by Filipino artist Jauneil Arvin Ma-ao. He is an artist whose sense of humor is very good. He finds inspiration for his comics from various sources, including memes, TV shows, video games, and even other comics. His comics feature a lighthearted and humorous look at everyday life, fantasy themes, and relatable situations.


He creates the comics in an anime-ish style and finds inspiration for his work from various sources, including memes. TV shows, movies, and video games. His comics are particularly popular on Instagram, where Ma-ao has over 74,900 followers. He says that in his comics, the humor is relatable and often lighthearted. It can sometimes be a bit on the mature side, so keep that in mind. Let’s enjoy his best comics.

Credit : Idiot Of The East

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#1. Over Watch


#2. Dora


#3. Forgive me

#4. Turn me into Child


#5. Cat at home

#6. it’s pretty obvious at the moment


The artist stated that he thought that since his name was already associated with his account, any violation would be insignificant when he was trying to come up with a name for it. According to the artist, a four-panel comic took five to six hours to finish. You can notice that the artist adds an anime-art touch to his comics.

#7. Happy Birthday

#8. Problems


#9. Love is in the air

#10. Old Hoodies


#11. Perfectly still

#12. Rise of the planet of the man


#13. Celebration

#14. sleep early or scroll for memes


#15. Old Fashioned

Although viewers are initially drawn to comics for their low-level comedy, some comics have a deeper message. Occasionally, Ma-ao discusses concerns or societal issues, which promotes thinking in addition to laughter. With his creativity and ability to capture the funny side of life, Jauneil Arvin Ma-ao is sure to continue entertaining readers with his Idiot of the East Comics for a long time to come. For more enjoyment, click here and Here.

#16. Don’t touch me


#17. Everybody hates red days

#18. Dream or prank


#19. Something illegal

#20. Finally


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