20 Comics shows the daily lives of a married couple who are both men


“Husband and Husband” is a term used to describe two men who are married to each other. It is a relatively new term, as same-gender marriage has only been legal in most countries for a short time. However, the term “husband and husband” is becoming increasingly common as more and more same-gender couples get married and start families.

It serves to highlight the reality that two men can get married to one another in the same way that two women can. It’s also employed to subvert gender norms and forward the notion that love is love, no matter who is experiencing it. Some would contend that since the word “husband” already suggests that the guy is married to a woman, the phrase “husband and husband” is unnecessary. Supporters of the phrase counter that, just as there is a term for married couples of the opposite gender, it is crucial to have a term specifically for same-gender couples.

Credit: Husband and Husband

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#1. Different Stages


#2. Cuddle

#3. It’s moving


#4. Ready to go

#5. Little Demon


#6. Zip me up

Husband & Husband (@husbandandhusband) is a sweet and amusing Instagram account that showcases the love and laughter between two married guys. Jon and Aaron, two cartoonists who create comics, cartoons, and other creative pieces about their lives as husbands, administer the account. Husband & Husband is well-known for its realistic and hilarious material. The comics frequently show the mundane pleasures and difficulties of married life, such as doing chores together, traveling on vacation, and having a family. The cartoonists also use their platform to spread crucial positive messages.

#7.Scary Vampire


#8. Extra Leg

#9. Don’t you know


#10. Next Day

#11. Woosh!


#12. Book

#13. Thanks Honey


#14. Dish Washing

The account has 123,000 followers, 995 followings, and 539 posts. The Husband & Husband account provides a positive and affirming representation of LGBTQ+ couples. The couple is proud of their marriage and their relationship, and they use their platform to promote LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion. The comics and cartoons on the Husband & Husband account are well-drawn and funny. The couple also creates other types of creative content, such as vlogs, short films, and music videos, that are of high quality. If you are looking for a funny and heartwarming Instagram account to follow, be sure to check out this article. You won’t be disappointed!

#15. Road Trip


#16. Beard

#17. Sleeping


#18. Contacts

#19. Help me

#20. Fight

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