Here are 20 Thought-Provoking illustrations That will Surely Amuse You

Hunter Scheiderer, better known by his Instagram handle @hunter.slugdaddy, is a self-taught artist who creates lowbrow, cartoony illustrations that often feature strange and humorous creatures. For its uniqueness, wit, and capacity to portray the absurdity of daily life, his work has received accolades. Scheiderer began drawing as a child, and he quickly developed a love for cartoons and comics. He began posting his work on Instagram in 2017, and his following quickly grew. Today, he has over 153,000 followers on the platform. His work often features strange and unusual creatures.

His illustrations are often humorous, but they can also be thought-provoking. For example, one of his most popular illustrations depicts a group of slug people sitting around a campfire, talking about the meaning of life. Scheiderer’s illustrations are known for their whimsical and otherworldly elements. His characters often sport peculiar features, vibrant colors, and exaggerated expressions, reflecting a playfulness that brings joy to his audience. Scheiderer’s affinity for lowbrow art, characterized by its offbeat, underground aesthetic, served as a driving force behind his artistic exploration.

By seamlessly blending fantasy with reality, Scheiderer offers a refreshing perspective on the mundane, reminding viewers to find beauty and humor in the everyday. His self-taught journey and unwavering passion for cartoons and comics have paved the way for his distinctive style, which is characterized by whimsical creatures. Scheiderer’s art continues to resonate with fans around the world, offering a refreshing escape into a world where the absurdities of reality are celebrated with open arms. If you’re looking for some original and humorous art to follow on Instagram, then be sure to check out Hunter.slugdaddy. You won’t be disappointed.

Credit: Hunter.slugdaddy

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#1. Refresh

#2. Blow

#3. Cinderella

#4. Deep

#5. Disgusting

#6. Worn out

#7. Loose thread

#8. Dark thoughts

#9. Still smiling

#10. New year, same me

#11. Use worms for bait

#12. Damn

#13. Don’t worry

#14. After a long day of faking it

#15. Introvert

#16. Eww

#17. Snack

#18. Trash

#19. Here comes the sun

#20. This is what anxiety looks like

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