30 Humorous Comics About Ancient Egypt By Daily Tut Comics

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in ancient Egypt? Well, tut comics can show you exactly with a funny twist.

Tut comics create entertaining and entertaining illustrations depicting characters living in ancient Egypt, talking to Ra, Bastet, Anubis, and many other gods. The characters go on many adventures together.

The creator has included many modern themes in his stories, so the comics are quite enviable. Tut Comics also teaches some entertaining and little-known facts about Egypt’s traditions, culture, and history.

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Tut comics told us what inspired them to create these comics: “The truth is, the biggest inspiration for the world will be RPGs and mid-90s adventure video games, I bet it was for the people behind the web comics. “We wanted to feel like a living, breathing world where anything could happen, and its many mysteries of the wonderful nature of ancient Egypt. And there was only one perfect fit with the gods. “


Among these comics, there are many well-known deities. Like Raw, the God of Off-Sun, Order, Kings, and Sky, who is believed to be the Ruler of all. It is presented with the head of a falcon.

Anubis, the donkey-headed god, is the one who presided over the process of ablution and went into the world with the dead. Anubis also set the hearts aside on a scale to see if the heart was heavier than the wings. If it is rejected, the soul will not enter the realm of the soul.

Bastet was the goddess of protection, cats, medicine, fertility, music, and art, but also war and warrior. She is portrayed as a cat-like creature.




























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