20 Hilarious Comics Based on the Adventures of Dungeons and Dragons

There are many artists who make comics on regular themes, as you have seen on Instagram and various social media platforms. But there are few artists who differentiate themselves by choosing different themes for their web comics. Let me introduce you to such artists. Meet Hiadventurecast Comics, which is a fantastic collection of webcomics based on the adventures of Dungeons and Dragons. This webcomic was created by artist Sebastian Leverette.

The laughter, friendship, and even tense moments that frequently occur around the D&D are captured in his comics. He is a talented individual who is more well-known on social media as @Hiadventurecast. This web comic series takes readers on an thrilling journey through a Land of magic, monsters, and endless adventure. With 11,000 loyal Instagram followers and growing, Hi Adventure Cast has won over fans all around the world.

Credit: Hi Adventure Cast

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#1. Best Campaign Ever

#2. Not Real

#3. Funeral

#4. Confession

#5. Bad Guy

The artist has been making these comics since 2016. By working hard, he is now a well-known artist. His comics are based on a whimsical art style that’s both charming and expressive. The characters in his comics are full of personality, and his use of color and composition effectively brings the scenes to life. He always makes four-panel comics.

#6. Mysterious Letter

#7. Crazy

#8. Impossible

#9. What?

#10. Relax

#11. Resurrections Costs

#12. Second Attack

#13. Armor

#14. Weakness

He expertly captures the quirks and dynamics that emerge during gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned D&D player or just enjoy good fantasy-themed humor, you’ll find yourself chuckling at the relatable situations and characters depicted in the comics. If you enjoy his comics, then don’t forget to leave a comment and share this blog. For more comics, visit our website regularly.

#15. Comedic Relief

#16. Rotten Child

#17. Too Late

#18. Movie

#19. Pretend

#20. Backup Plan

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