Here are the 25 Random and Funny Comics by “Light Roast Comics”

If you’re feeling sad and everything seems dull, perhaps a few funny delights will cheer you up. We sometimes need to watch how other people behave, deal with stupidity, and identify human situations in order to understand how we should conduct ourselves. The knowledge that many people lack the ability to recognize such a terrible aspect of themselves makes the situation much funnier. The variety of humorous comedy works created on the Internet today provide a means of making fun of our unique and surprising mistakes.

We’re here today to introduce you to another creator of random comics. A webcomic called “Light Roast Comics” was first published in February by Michael Ashton, an American illustrator who now calls Germany home. His jokes are funny and sweet, and they will brighten your day. His fantastic sense of humor and extraordinary drawing skills are the reasons he always draws audiences.

He has over 29,100 real followers on Instagram. He frequently gets ideas for his comics from chats with friends or while jogging. Since Michael doesn’t find vulgar or profane humor funny, his comics are typically lighthearted. Michael doesn’t want his comics to offend anyone, but he also wants the readers to enjoy themselves. He hoped that by using my very easy example, more people would be inspired to use their own creativity and attempt something different. His top 25 comics are included in the section below.

Credit: Light Roast Comics

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