Here are the 20 Weird Comics with Dark Twists by “Least I Could Do”

Here are the 20 Weird Comics with Dark Twists by “Least I Could Do”

Some of us just can’t stop thinking of dark humor. It is the kind of enjoyment that uplifts your emotions while also stimulating your brain. When expressed at the incorrect time and location, they may be inappropriate. People who have a gloomy outlook on life are able to laugh despite hardship. With our latest offering of dark comics, you can clearly see the appeal and impact of dark comedy.

I want to tell you about a brand-new webcomic. Webcomics like “Least I Could Do” are like the filtered version of the human brain. It’s strange, it’s a joke, and occasionally it makes no sense. Lar deSoza and Ryan Sohmer made this webcomic. That also sounds unusual, just like his darkly comic and oddly funny artwork. The artist also enjoys eccentricity and wacky jokes. He is renowned for his ability to tell horrific tales.

He particularly appreciates weirdness and unexpected humor. The conclusion of each comic displays a deep sense of humor, which simply causes you to turn. He presently has 32,200 Instagram followers and is growing. His stories will really impress you. The section that follows contains a collection of ominous comics. If you enjoy dark comedy, you must scroll down the page. Enjoy your day!

Credit: Least I Could Do

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