Here are the 20 Mary Comics about Relatable Situations in Daily Life

Many things happen in our daily lives that we believe only happen to us, but similar things happen to the majority of people. Similarly, an artist or cartoonist creates relatable comics that we Face in our daily lives. The artist does not reveal much about herself. But her good name is Mary. She is a female artist from Romania who started making comics back in 2018. Because of her great sense of humor, her art always gathered fans.

She is better known for her Instagram account with the username Mary Comics. It has 64,800 followers as of this writing. We can see that she may have a larger audience than other artists. Because her comics are really fantastic and relatable to everyone. She creates comics based on her observations and experiences from daily life. Check out some of her best comics now. We are hoping these comics will be relatable and clear for everyone.

Credit: Mary Comics

More info: Instagram

#1. Trying to Convince

#2. So Alone

#3. No One Wants to Talk Me


#4. Very Nice Story

#5. Explains That Objects

#6. First Class


The artist claims that she usually finds inspiration in her personal life or in her imagination of the daily individuals she comes into contact with. Through her comics, she also teaches readers that these things frequently occur to everyone. In some way or another, we can all relate to one another. This explains why comics that portray such events are so well-liked by creators.

#7. Not Sure what to wear

#8. Entered The Cafe

#9. Finish This Book Today


#10. Still Feeling the Crumbs

#11. For the winter

#12. Finally Meet


#13. Got some Exciting News

#14. Look So Tired

This is a long-running comic strip following the life of Mary. She is a compassionate girl who spends most of her time with her friends and neighbors. In her comics, she is mostly seen as the main character. Her comics mostly vary from a four-panel to a multi-panel format. If you are a girl, you can relate to her observations and silly things. Have a great time and experience while reading this blog.

#15. Lots of New Movies


#16. Feel Really Awkward

#17. Working on the Laptop

#18. Copy your homework


#19. Few Things

#20. Please Forgive me

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